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What we are looking for:

We are seeking an Associate Financial Advisor for our small independent firm that is affiliated with a Large National Broker Dealer in San Antonio TX. We are interested in you if you are a recent or soon to be graduate of a CFP Board registered financial planning program, have passed the SIE securities exam, are looking for an entry level position, want to learn the business through our company from the ground up, do not want to market and cold call for clients but do want to be involved with the back office and front office, learning the way we care for and service our clients. We have tenured advisors with over 50 years of experience who are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise to help you work through our career track which includes working your way up to Lead Financial Advisor and beyond. We begin every client conversation with a simple approach to making informed decisions through a tried and true holistic financial planning process. We have access to an open architecture of investment and insurance products through affiliated companies and serve as the one stop shop for all needs financial.

Candidates that fit into our firm and culture will desire to be in a small firm environment with a nationally recognized large firm reputation and back-office support. We prefer someone who will embrace our investment philosophies, love being of service to others and have a strong desire to prove themselves and are humble enough to understand there is no short cut to any place worth going.

This is a professional position that will support our Wealth Management Advisors by providing financial planning software data entry, meeting prep support, client service follow-up, and developing product selection solutions. In return they will teach you the art of delivering financial advice with current and potential clients. You will be expected to assist in virtually all aspects of the business, but primarily to create and present financial plans and portfolio analysis using E-Money, Morningstar, and other various tools that are available on our platform. We are intentional in the way that we design and communicate recommendations and next steps for clients to facilitate them on their financial journeys. Mentoring and big picture direction will be provided, but you must have the ability to utilize critical thinking skills, work independently and anticipate firm needs and client questions. The firm wants to provide an opportunity for a new graduate to come in and learn the business from the ground up and the support staff is committed to helping the new hire reach their goals. The strategic vision includes growing a great business as a team as well as creating wealth for our clients and financial independence for our employees. The opportunities are abundant for someone who is willing to work their way up from the bottom.


We are also seeking a tenured advisor with a highly profitable book who enjoys owning their own business and desires to be compensated based on their production. This person feels like they are on an island and would like to join a team to gain administrative support, mentorship and collaboration with other professionals, and the ability to spend more quality time in front of their clients and not buried in paperwork and back office busy work. We have a competitive grid structure that rewards the tenured advisor with regular income and the ability to grow their practice at a phenomenal rate with the support of the team. We have a proven process and we are planners first and foremost.

What We Offer

Pontem Services is  your practice management in a box.

Meeting Preparation Support: we provide administrative support that includes pre meeting and post meeting support. We set and confirm your appointments, prep all needed documents, and help you manage your client service system by providing a process for annual reviews, planning meetings, new client conversations and ongoing opportunity development.

Sales Support: we offer sales support in many facets including product selection, planning solutions, and collaboration with other advisors and CFPs on the team. We have a well-defined Sales Process that you can easily plug in and follow and it includes assistance with all phases of every kind of  meeting prep and follow up. We also engage in a joint weekly sales operations and marketing meeting to enhance your experience and close any gaps that may have occurred.

Team Spirit: we brand as a team and we share all the marketing and business development expenses. We hold regular client events and all you need to do is give us a list of invitees and show up.

Investment Research: we have our own in house research team and we create and manage models for advisory accounts at a reasonable cost.

Back Office Support: Move money, ACHs trades, transfers, account openings, annuity sales prep and much more.

CRM Data Integrity: we update client data and maintain CRM for you.

We provide documentation, compliance, and simplification of all activities that hinder your ability to grow your practice. We remove burdens and obstacles so that you spend more quality time doing what you love, taking care of your clients.

We are you!

We care about the small stuff!

We get results!

Testimonial from our Team Member, Mark Nohrenberg:

First a little background.  I started working with Pontem Financial in July 2019, after time working with other advisor teams.  I was geographically separated from the Team, living part of the year in Germany (military), which presents an obvious challenge.  But in addition, because of this, I was unable to even have contact with clients while I was overseas, leaving the Team at Pontem to handle my clients’ issues during these times.  Let me tell you, this Team is so professional and so with it, they never missed a beat.  I would travel back several times a year to conduct reviews with my clients.  I would send them my itinerary and a list of clients I needed to see…The Pontem Team would get me scheduled with my clients for that time.  Then as I completed my meetings I would send them tasks to get accomplished while I was once again away.  My business not only survived this time, it has grown by over 50%.  As I move back to the States I will once again be geographically separated from the Team, and while I won’t require their assistance due to my absence, I will no doubt benefit from their expertise in getting things done.  With proven methodology, clear division of responsibilities and true expert knowledge, the Team can get things done for you quickly, professionally and most importantly compliantly.  Betty and Chris have the knowledge and experience to guide the Team to new heights.   If you are looking for a Team to join, look no further!

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